Healthy Hygiene

Healthy hygiene is a part of a healthy life! Experts agree hand-washing is the single most important step in preventing the spread of diseases. With the threat of the flu, colds, and other illnesses this year, it is just smart to teach your kids and yourself the proper way to wash your hands to keep germs and viruses away from your body! Since your hands come into contact with nearly every bodily fluid that you might have, not to mention other sources of germs, it is extremely important to wash them often and properly. We all use our hands much more frequently than we realize and they come into contact with millions of germs a day! Using just plain lye soap and washing your hands often and properly is something you can do to protect yourself.

Here is a step-by-step guide that will teach you how to wash your hands effectively so you know that you are minimizing your risk of catching and spreading illnesses.

  1. Turn on water, preferably to a warm, comfortable temperature.
  2. Using real lye soap, put your hands under the faucet and rub the bar of soap between your hands to coat them.
  3. Lather and rub hands together for a least 20 seconds (at Sassy Goat we recommend 30 seconds). Sing the Sassy Goat Milk Soap Handwashing Song (at right) to our jingle tune as your wash – it is 30 seconds long. Be sure to wash well between your fingers and under fingernails.
  4. Rinse all soap off of your hands, rubbing your hands together under the running water until all traces of soap are gone. Hand-washing is most effective at washing germs off your hands and down the drain. It does not necessarily kill the germs, so make sure and rinse throughly.
  5. Using two paper towels, dry hands completely which is essential in the hand-washing process.
  6. Turn off the faucet with one of the paper towels, open the door handle with the other paper towel, then discard the towels in the garbage can holding the door open with your foot if needed. Avoid touching the sink faucets, door handles or door with your clean hands.

Remember, use your elbow or sleeve to touch elevator buttons, open doors, etc. to keep your hands away from germs and bacteria… and wash your hands often. Sassy Goat Milk Soap is high in natural antioxidants and moisturizing ingredients to keep your hands from drying out from washing them so much!