Jewel Weed Benefits

What is Jewel Weed?

Jewel Weed has been used for centuries by Native Americans and Herbalist as a natural preventative and treatment for poison ivy, poison oak and insect bites.

Jewel Weed is best known for its skin healing properties.j

Jewel Weed works by counter-reacting with the chemical in other plants that cause irritation.

Sassy Goat Milk Soap and Salve with Jewel Weed is a remedy for bruises, burns, sunburn, cuts, eczema, insect bites, bee stings, and more.

Sassy Goat Milk Soap and Salve for Poison Ivy, itch relief, bee stings, burns, and insect bites contain all natural Jewel Weed infused in pure olive oil. Neighbors living around the Sassy Goat farm have named it their “miracle salve” and use it on their children, grandchildren and in farming and gardening activities.