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Give your pet the gift of healthy skin and coat! Pets just like people suffer from dry skin in the winter time. This means scratching and itching the dry skin and coat. Sassy Goat Milk Soap products for pets are pure and natural and made with only the finest ingredients. With our Pet Gift Set, you are choosing soaps which are handmade for your pet to use, but you can use too! Gift Sets for Pets also include a small packet of lamb and rice dog biscuits as a special treat!

Both of my Sassy Goat Milk Pet Soaps (unscented and scented to repel insects) contain pure and fresh goat milk – hand milked from my own herd of LaMancha goats and finely ground baby oatmeal for soothing your pets skin. My soap formula for pets also includes coconut oil, olive oil, safflower oil, castor oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax and honey. My Sassy Goat Milk Soap for Pets Scented to Repel Insects also contains: oil of lavender, eucalyptus oil, lemon grass oil, tea tree oil, cedarwood oil and rosemary oleoresin extract.

This set is $25.00 to $30.00, depending on the formula of soaps you select when creating your package. Gift for your pet will be delivered right to your door by the United States Postal Service. Shipping charges may apply – it depends on your selection. Orders that are $30.00 or more will ship for free.

Pet Gift Set
Pet Gift Set
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